[Juan Carlos Ferro]: The Copa America

[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Copa America: 2019 The Year of Soccer!

If you are into soccer, then you are possibly into the Copa America as well. In the year 2019, it is expected that the Copa America  will be a very interesting one. It will be held in Brazil and you may think that it is quite exaggerated to have 2 big sportive events one beside the other (almost) since the games in 2016 in Rio, but at least this time is soccer!

[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Copa America 2019

[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Copa America 2019

Many things could happen, some would argue that since Brazil is the place where the cup will be held they will be the winners, but it is not going to be like that necessarily. Soccer can have interesting changes that are not always as one would expect. On the other hand, maybe since Brazil is going to be the home of the matches, then you could think that they have “extra moral duty” and they need to win, which could make them nervous at the same time. But well, you can expect many things as for this interesting team that is Brazil.

Be sure to check the status of the matches when the tournament has started, so that you can have your own thoughts about the performance of every team you like.

The Copa America is one of the most important cups to play for in Latin America as you can imagine. In fact, it could be said that it is pretty much the equivalent to the Champions League in the Latin American version, but well that is just an analogy, do not take it seriously either.

The Copa America will be a very interesting one for many and you can be totally sure that in terms of soccer and matches there will be interesting one that need to be watched still, so keep enjoying soccer!

By [Juan Carlos Ferro].

[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Brazil

[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Brazil



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