[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Ronaldinho

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[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Ronaldinho and soccer

[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Ronaldinho and soccer

Ronaldinho is one of those soccer players that you can easily remember since he had a good and important role in the soccer of his country.

This brazilian soccer player has had a good sense of what soccer is and remember that he was not only talented, but also a funny person to see playing.

He was rarely seen not smiling and chances are that you can even see the fact that he was commonly threated as a somewhat special soccer player. He was of course not the kind of common soccer player that you would see around. Chances are that you even could think he was just some sort of happy man all the time.

Soccer players are sometimes special not only because of their game, but actually because of who they are. Remember Pele? He was a soccer player that kept his mood during the whole soccer career. He rarely was seen without being happy as well as Ronaldinho. Was there any relationship between brazilian players who always smiled in a happiness training course? Well, maybe there are.

By [Juan Carlos Ferro].

[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Brazilian soccer

[Juan Carlos Ferro]: Brazilian soccer



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